Super Hero Party

Super Hero Party

So you wake up one morning and catch your little bundle of joy practicing their favourite super hero powers and moves in their bedroom. Sure the noise of them saving the universe woke you up, but you can’t help but smile at the discovery that the child you love and adore is convinced they are a super hero, I mean an actual super hero with all the powers their imagination can muster.

So what now, do you break it to them??? “Uh little one, those aren’t laser beams shooting from your eyes, or “No you haven’t just turned invisible, I can still see you” Or do you let them have their fun??? Obviously its best to let them have their fun. I mean after all, its great that they are using their imagination and trying their best to make this planet safer.

So what do you give a young aspiring super hero for their birthday? I know, a super hero party!!!!

Super Hero Parties are all the rage amongst the children these days. The children can dress up as their favourite super hero and battle it out amongst themselves of who is the greatest hero of them all and the parents get to watch their children do and say the most adorable things.

Well why not add some super hero excitement to your child’s next birthday party by hiring one of our fantastic super hero range jumping castles?

Your child will love it, not only is it a bouncy castle (and we all know kids love bouncy castles) but its a super hero bouncy castle.

At Adelaide Bouncy Castles we have an awesome range of super hero themed bouncy castles just ready for you to hire and for your child and their friends to enjoy.
So give us a call today or use our website and hire your child a super hero themed jumping castle and turn their birthday into a super hero party. The kids will love it and the memories for both them and you will be priceless.

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