kids birthday party hire

kids birthday party hire

mmmmm that long pause you make when you think long and hard, racking your brain over what to get your child for their birthday. If your a parent like me you know that sometimes it can be difficult getting your child something you think that they would like for their birthday.

Well lucky for you here is one fantastic idea that will certainly put the fun they crave into your child’s special day.

And the fantastic idea is……(drum roll) How about hiring a jumping castle for your child and their friends to enjoy on their special day? Yes I know we may be biased, however you must admit that kids just love to use a bouncy castle, especially if its one themed after their favourite super hero (like our batman castle) or, if they’re a girl, looks like something out of a princess ferry tale. (yes we have a castle that covers that one too) 🙂

Imagine the look on your little tackers face and watch as it lights up when they discover a bouncy castle in their back yard for them and their friends to enjoy. Now it doesn’t take a phycologist to know and it would be fair to say that your child will be filled with delight being able to jump around as often as they want with their friends on one of our awesome bouncy castles.

So why spend much more time draining your brain over what to do for your child on their special day and give us at Adelaide Bouncy Castle a call, or browse our website, to book for your child something extra special for their extra special day.

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