How to make a childrens party fun

How to make a childrens party fun

Ever been to a kids party and witnessed a group of children totally bored out of their brains? Remember being a child at a party wishing you were somewhere else because the event was so dull and lifeless?

Not exactly a memory that sparks a smile on your face and brings that happy warm fuzzy feeling inside.

So what makes a party fun as opposed to boring for children? Here are some tips to keep those bundles of joy engaged and excited during the party, giving them a special and wonderful memory to keep with them for many years to come.

Tip 1: Make a party themed. Whether the party is based on a famous super hero, kids movie or book, having a party themed is one sure way to instantly gets the children excited by providing them an opportunity to be part of something they love and relate too. Some ways to theme a party can be decorating or designing food around the theme, having the children dress up as their favourite characters from the theme and playing music in the background that relates to the theme your going for. Making a party themed is a sure way to get the little tackers excited about being at the party.

Tip 2: If the party is not at a specialised centre like a bowling centre, laser skirmish site or the like but a home, try providing things for the children to play with, don’t necessarily force the children to play a preset game. I remember as a child being forced to play a game at a party that no one including myself wanted to play and needless to say it really put a damper on the event. I much preferred to run around with my friends, or play the xbox or be doing something else other than having to stop the fun that I was enjoying in order to play a game we all thought was lame. If the party is at home its probably better to have things set up and ready to use to entertain the children allowing them to use it at their own leisure rather than forcing children to do something you might think is fun but really isn’t. Some children love video games, others like to run around outside, whilst others want to play dress ups or the girly games they think are fun. By providing different options on site and allowing the children to choose what they would like to do can be a really good way for the kids to have fun. Generally speaking kids know what they like to do and if allowed to do so, can spend hours having fun without noticing the time. Obviously basic structure is needed but by making the party too structured can really dampen the potential of fun the child can have being allowed to use their imaginations and following their pursuit of fun. A jumping castle also is great for children’s parties because it provides the kids the opportunity to jump around and have fun with the other kids at their own leisure, so hiring one is a great idea. So whether your providing swords and shields for the boys, or make up or dolls for the girls to use, give the children the tools needed to provide the opportunity for them to make their own fun.

Tip 3: Have lots of lollies and sweets available… Needless to say kids love chocolate and lollies (it won’t kill them, it will just make them happy and more energetic for the day)

Now that you have some basic tips to help turn your child’s special day into a good day you can have some level of confidence that by the end of the day your child will be raving about how good the party was for a very long time. A party doesn’t have to be stressful event – it just needs to be an opportunity for your children to interact and play with other children and let kids be kids.

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