Crocodile Water Slide Castle

Swim through the mouth of the river, spot the crocodiles, and crawl through the mangroves. This crocodile castle can be used wet or dry. Climb up the crocodile scaled wall, shoot your friends with the water canon, and slide down the slippery dip. This castle is a crocodile adventure, and every child is invited!! Suitable for ages 12 years and under.

Huge inflated size 570cm(L) x 515cm(W) x 240cm(H)

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and experience a smooth jumping castle experience, we arrive to set up your castle before your party/event begins. Upon completion of your castle hire, we will arrive promptly to collect it.

To guarantee the longevity and quality of our products, as well as the health of our customers, we clean the castles rigorously with disinfectants after each hire.

“The kids really enjoyed the slides, they are begging me to get it again for the school holidays” Tony Millan

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